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Making of a Marine Officer DVD


Product Description

Produced by: Military Times Media Group
Length: 90 Minute DVD
1 disc

With unprecedented access to secretive Quantico, Virginia, Marine Corps Times chronicles how civilians are transformed into Marine Corps officers.

Follow the candidates on their grueling nine-week ordeal - from the first frenzied hours as they are stripped of their individuality, to when they are granted entry into an proud, elite cadre of warrior leaders. Watch them clobber each other in combat exercises - slog through obstacle course slime pits - all under the constant barrage of criticism and orders from their drill sergeants. Go behind closed doors where these trainers decide who continues and who doesn't. And finally, see who survives and gets their first salutes from those who trained them.

It is a riveting look at how America's finest combat leaders are born -- a look that you will not forget.

Features the latest, cutting edge small arms ammunition as well as some of the most advanced weapons available today. The guns and ammo are evaluated by members of America's elite special operations units.

* 40 minutes of Shootout at Blackwater 2004, including a speed shooting demonstration by nine-time national pistol champion Todd Jarrett.
* 20 minutes of test firing of what's likely to be the Army's new assault rifle, XM8, seen as a replacement the M16 and M4.

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